GCSE and Nationals

The national curriculum and exam changes are transforming the way our students have to learn. Our interactive and motivational workshops empower students with essential learning strategies such as, memory techniques that help to raise achievement and inspire a love of learning. 

Post – 16

Our Post - 16 workshops are designed by teachers and industry leading experts to provide students with the skills needed to flourish in school and beyond.

Key Stage 3

Current Year 7 - 9 students are facing the big exam changes. With our interactive learn to learn workshops we can give students a head start and help make learning easier.

Perfectly Primary

Teaching students “learn to learn” skills early increases learning performance between six to eight months. So let’s get cracking with our Perfectly Primary workshops!

Memory Matters

With the shift towards linear exams students’ ability to recall is going to paramount. This doesn’t have to mean tedious rote learning. It is an opportunity to unleash the power of creativity and imagination! Click here to discover more.

Life Long Learning

Practical and dynamic workshops to help create a generation of confident individuals who have the skills, knowledge and attributes needed to flourish in life, learning and work.


As teachers ourselves we know the every day challenges teachers face. Our no nonsense workshops focus on creative learning and maximising student potential.   


Parent Power

Actively involving parents in supporting to their children’s learning increases achievement by 2 – 3 months. Options range from forums to parent and child workshops. Let’s get started!


Our Roadshows are designed for entire cohorts and whole schools.! Together we dazzle, amaze and juggle our way to an awesome memory and attitude.

To discuss your students' needs or to book your workshop simply contact us on 01903 872849 or email success@learningperformance.com