Why become a Partner School?

With the shift towards linear exams the work we do to empower students with metacognitive strategies and resilience is going to be vital to raising attainment. Evidence shows metacognition and self–regulation skills can, on average, improve pupil progress by 8 months.

Our own evidence supports this research. By taking such an approach one of our Partner Schools saw students’ results increase, on average, by 5% in national tests. 

  1. Collaborate with and support your school to raise achievement and aspirations.
  2. Encourage and advocate a research-led approach to teaching and learning.
  3. Embed metacognition and resilience into the learning culture.
  4. Develop successful, independent and resilient learners who love to learn.

Vision and Strategy

We hold a strategy meeting with the Managing Director and former teacher, Carrie Starbuck, to identify the priorities and needs of each school, which will shape the Partnership.

Learning Champions

We recommend having a team of 3 or 4 Champions who are a combination of respected, influential senior leaders, classroom teachers and teaching assistants.


Communication is the centre of everything we do. It is vital to advocating an evidence informed, holistic approach, to building productive relationships, engaging teachers and empowering schools.

Empowering Action

We want to go beyond traditional methods to support schools. Our innovative online platform, the One Hub, acts as an online staff room where constructive discussions, the sharing of best practice, resources, results and tasks can take place.

Empowering Achievement

Early and frequent success will build momentum, encourage and enable more innovation.

Anchor Schools

Partner schools that reach the much-coveted ‘Exemplary’ stage will become champions and will mentor other schools in implementing the recommendations.

  • A long–term, whole–school approach where we work with students, parents and staff. This is designed and tailored around you and only you.
  • Cutting–edge online resources, support and network via the One Hub.
  • Termly R.E.W.A.R.D. for students who make the most effort and progress.
  • Monitoring of progress and impact with bespoke Success Passports, evaluation reports and termly visits.
  • An end of year Impact Report to be used as evidence for SLT, Governors, Ofsted and School Awards.
  • A singular point of contact at Headquarters so you have a direct line at all times.
  • A lead presenter who will support the school on the ground throughout the Partnership.
  • Clear progression for the school through the 4 stages with each being recognised with an award.
  • Our logo and school award on the school website.
  • A Partnership promise of high standards, expectations and an unwavering dedication.
  • Being part of a national network of people and organisations dedicated to achieving lasting change in education.
  • A school plaque…because we really love them!