Our mission is to work with all schools in the UK by 2022. We will;

Support schools to raise achievement and aspirations. 

Advocate a research-led approach to teaching and learning. 

Embed metacognition, resilience and wellbeing into the learning culture of schools. 

Develop successful, independent and resilient learners.

We are a teacher-led and family-run organisation that works with schools, colleges, and universities across the UK and Europe to raise achievement and inspire a love of learning. 

All the way back in 1992, Heather and Roger Starbuck, wanted to make learning easier for their son who struggled at school. They combined scientific evidence on how the brain learns and their experience as teachers, to create cutting – edge study skills workshops. Nearly 25 years later Learning Performance continues to be a family-run business with Carrie Starbuck, a former teacher and political advisor, as Managing Director.

As a family organisation we have strong values that drive us forward year after year. 

We believe all children can achieve, no matter their socio-economic background. 

We believe in a personal and holistic approach to raising achievement and aspirations.

We believe in the power of creativity and imagination to make learning easier.

We believe in family; trust, respect, honesty and unwavering support. Our HQ staff, presenter team and our schools are all part of the Learning Performance team. 









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