Mindfulness: Well – being for students and staff
9:30am 9:30am

Mindfulness: Well – being for students and staff

This interactive and activity – based workshop will focus on using Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to help with stress management, focus and confidence building in students and staff alike. We will look at ways in which Mindfulness can be subtly incorporated in to a classroom situation and how as a teacher / education sector worker you can pass on basic techniques to students. We will also look at how to manage workloads, how to become more effective in the work place and less stressed.

The day will include: 

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Guided meditations to start and end the day 
  • Physical Activities to help release stress and create a focused mind
  • Mindfulness Techniques to create a calm environment and get rid of negative thought patterns
  • Passing on basic techniques to students in a classroom environment

About the Practitioner

Sally Davis is a qualified SMART Training Coach and meditation facilitator. She runs courses, workshops and drop-in groups focusing on stress management, body confidence, self-esteem, productivity and relaxation. She is trained in Reiki Level 2 with Holistic Happiness and has also completed the Artists Way with Evolution Arts. Sally has a background in Drama and Performing Arts having gained a Diploma in 2006 and has worked as a Drama leader and Forum Theatre Facilitator for over 10 years. She practices her teaching methods herself on a daily basis and has a passion for bringing her coaching to people from all walks of life of all ages.

The Cost

It is just £175 + VAT per person for the day. This includes lunch, all refreshments and resources on the day.

To book your place simply click on the button below or email the lovely, holly@learningperformance.com direct. 

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Ryders Primary School: Walking the Growth Mindset Talk
8:45am 8:45am

Ryders Primary School: Walking the Growth Mindset Talk

Learning Performance and Ryders Hayes Teaching School have formed an exciting partnership to deliver a high - quality and innovative CPD workshop on developing a Growth Mindset school and classroom.

The day will focus on three key areas:

  1. Metacognition or Learn to Learn
  2. Creating a Growth Mindset School
  3. The Whole Child

Ryders Hayes is one of 100 schools chosen to take part in the first UK research into Growth Mindset with the Education Endowment Foundation. With our 25 years experience of supporting schools across UK and Europe, together our experience will bring practical ideas and classroom solutions for embedding a Growth Mindset and Metacognitive approach to teaching and learning.

Location: Ryders Hayes Primary School, Walsall, WS3 4HX
Cost: £125 including lunch and refreshments
Date: 20th June 2017, 8.45am - 3.30pm

To book contact Leanne Swan, l.swann@ryders-hayes.co.uk, 01922 683008

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9:30am 9:30am


With the ever increasing demands on our young people the work we do to improve students metacognition and resilience is going to be essential to raising achievement. 

With 25 years of experience of working with schools we have developed an innovative programme that looks at best practice and the latest research into how educators can create an effective mindset not just for students, but themselves. Together we look at four practical strategies on creating a growth mindset school and independent, resilient leaners;

  • The Language of Success
  • Effective Feedback and Praise
  • Expectations and Challenge
  • Learn to Learn Strategies

We believe for Growth Mindset to truly be embedded into the learning culture of a school that everyone should be involved, so this workshop perfect for administrators, support staff, classroom teachers, and senior leaders. 

The cost for the day is £195 + VAT. This includes: 

  • Unlimited refreshments (we all need lots of coffee) and lunch! 
  • Activity pack and resources on the day
  • Access to our online platform, the One Hub, full of resources and sharing of best practice with other educators attending after the workshop!

To book your place simply click on the button below or contact us on 01903 872849 or email holly@learningperformance.com

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Strategies for Success: How to Revise and Prepare for Exams!

Strategies for Success: How to Revise and Prepare for Exams!

Our practical, fun and fast – paced workshop will show students how to learn, how to revise and how to prepare for exams using the power of creativity and imagination. 

We will cover effective, evidence - based revision strategies such as;

  • Memory Techniques
  • How to Understand and Condense information/entire topics
  • How to turn notes into something creative and memorable with A - Maps
  • The Review Philosophy and Time Management
  • Exam Preparation and Technique

By the end of the workshop students will have a range of tools to support their revision and will feel confident in their ability to achieve.

We like groups to be small and focused so spaces are limited!

To book your place, click on the button below! 

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